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Combo Deals

Joy n Casual
Alice & Moona SO

Valued at RM559.80

Joy n Urban Set
Alice & Adeena

Valued at RM489.80

Joy n Chill Set
Alice & Maysaa

Valued at RM449.80

Chill n Casual
Maysaa & Moona SO

Valued at RM539.80

Chill n Urban Set
Maysaa & Adeena

Valued at RM469.80

Casual n Urban Set
Moona SO & Adeena

Valued at RM559.80

Work n Casual Set
Saara & Moona SO

Valued at RM519.80

Work n Urban Set
Saara & Adeena

Valued at RM449.80

Work n Chill Set
Saara & Maysaa

Valued at RM429.80

Get 2 Units of Exclusive IJMAL Tote Bag With Any Purchase of Combo Deals!

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